Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Victory of the Byzantine: Fulfilled Quranic prophecy !

In Quran, Allah Almighty promised to make the Romans be victorious over the Persians just to please the Prophet and the Believers. And this Divine Prophecy and Promise indeed did come to pass after several years!

The Qur’an predicted an event impossible of occurrence: it will happen in less than ten years. The Qur’an had put itself and Prophet Muhammad to test. The Revelation said,

“The Romans have been defeated, in (the land) lowest on earth. But after (this) defeat of theirs they will soon be victorious. Within a few years. With Allah is the decision, in the past and in the future. On that day shall the faithful rejoice” (Al-Rum: 2-4).

Even Edward Gibbon himself testifies in "The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire"
“At the time when the prediction is said to have been delivered, no prophecy could be more distant from its accomplishment, since the first twelve years of Heraclius announced the approaching dissolution of the empire.


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