Friday, June 9, 2017

E-Book: Why am I a Muslim, not a Nazarene/Christian? (Akram Hassan)

Wadie Ahmed Fathy
Former Egyptian deacon

In the name of God, all praise is due to Him, peace and blessing be upon His Messenger Muhammad son of Abdullah the messenger of God, I bare witness that there is no God but God the one and only and that Muhammad is the messenger of God, I belief that the Messiah son of Mary who called Jesus Christ is a servant of God and his messenger and Mary mother of Messiah was a supporter of truth and they both used to eat food in order not to pass away, they didn't ate more or less, I belief in heaven and hell, I belief in fate all of it good and bad.

Praise be to God for his blessing of Islam and its enough blessing; I will give thanks to Him for it for the rest of my life.
Since I converted to Islam about 19 years ago, and Nazarenes are still trying with all their best and all temptations to get me back to Nazarene.

Although, I'm living a very modest living, I don't have a car or a big apartment nor a reasonable balance in the bank, I didn't went to hajj until now and I have approached 59 years old, but all their temptations didn't work with me.
For one reason: that I can't leave Islam and go back to Nazarene.

Because, Nazarene is based on doctrines which have no source in their book, fabricated by the patriarchs as they called the ecumenical councils and if it were in their religion, they weren't hold councils, disagreed, forbade and expelled each other ….
While Islam is stable since the days of the messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) and his companions to this day.

Also, their book wasn't exist in the days of Christ ( peace be upon him ) but it was assembled in Council of Nicene three centuries after Christ, while the Qur'an is from the prophet Muhammad to his companions until Osman write it and distribute copies of it in the Muslim countries and they are the same to this day.

Also, in Nazarene the religion depends on the priesthood since the birth of the child to make (a baptism) for him to be a Nazarene, confession of his sins to be forgiven by the priest, marriage by the priest, dying in front of the priest to cover him with oil to forgive him and after death the priest make for him a mass to forgive him. As well as, (Indulgence and Purgatory)
While in Islam the religion is between the servant and his Lord, no mediator, no authority for anyone on anything, the whole authority is for God only the one and only.

And in the Nazarene the patriarch still is the source of legislation and still legislating, because the religion hasn't completed yet and still lacks a lot, unlike Islam, which was completed in the life of the prophet Muhammad in his goodbye hajj.
Before days of his death, Islam was completed with all human needs and the writing of the Qur'an which contains a religion, provisions, legislations to the Day of Resurrection, this is the complete religion and the complete book, the book of God, the only right divine book on the earth.

Also, the Nazarene sects are different in their doctrines in Christ, The Holy Spirit, Mary, arranging trinity, the infallibility of the pope and patriarchal, secrets of the church, on the basis of these differences they don't marry each other, they get divorced from other sects and they re-evangelize the person again because, the sects don't recognize the priesthood of other sects and the non recognizing of the priesthood is an infidel for each sect.

And, I did not find all this in Islam, no matter how different ideas between groups and sects, because the sources is one and there is not a priesthood, for this reason and the other reasons I choose Islam in a fully convinced…
Read my book ''Secrets of the Church'' to know more about these points.
I intended to write a book about this experiments but I was busy by writing other book.

And my dear brother Akram Hassan gave me this honor to review this valuable book and to forward it.

In fact I found it a valuable book reflects what I think and much more, included many valuable points deserves to think about from every Muslim and Nazarene, because it's not only an invitation for the Nazarenes but also it's for each weak faith of Muslims, to make sure that he's right, and to say with me: praise be to God for his blessing of Islam and it's enough blessing. 

I ask God to benefit by the author, Mr. Akram Hassan and make it in his balance of good deeds, and everyone who works to share it to the day that we will meet Him in, Almighty.
And we ask you to ask God to forgive us and all the Muslims, to make hajj, and to bring us together with our Prophet in paradise.
May the blessings and peace of God be upon him; all praise is due to God, Lord of the worlds.

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